My Passion

Pavel and Jacques in La Jolla, CA
This site is dedicated to my passion for Kettlebells. I was first introduced to them 7 years ago by my friends on the west coast. I had been a personal trainer for about a year and worked out consistently for all of my adult life. As someone who strived at learning new things, I thought anything beyond what I knew at the time was either a phase or merely a gimmick. Boy, was I wrong! After just a 30 minute workout (non stop) consisting of swings and cleans, I spent the next day walking around like I was riding a horse! Let’s not leave out the fact that it took me at least an hour to roll out of the bed! I was amazed and immediately fell in love with these odd cannon ball shaped tools. Since then, I’ve trained an endless amount of people ranging in age and physical capacity and witnessed them achieve great feats of strength and overall wellness. I joined the RKC family in 2009 and continued to flourish in my dedication to what I like to refer as a discipline. I’ve committed to learning and sharing what I know to be one of the most efficient ways to stay in shape.

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