Raising the bar in 2012!!

It has certainly been a wonderful year. Wonderful in the sense that although we experienced our share of challenges, we did all that we could to stay on course both in our personal and professional lives. Meanwhile, we also had that cloud of consciousness hanging over our heads as we were reminded one way or another to make sure our bodies and minds are where we need them to be. This reminder could have come by way of a health risk appraisal, a fitness challenge or your motivation to improve the run time in your last 5k. I’m excited about the new year because I get to go “clean slate” and raise the bar. New healthy recipes, bigger fitness goals and most importantly, more treacherous kettlebell circuits!!

Raising the bar in 2012 means getting out of the comfort zone I eased into in 2011. Now mind you, I did decent for myself and realize that improving my sprint triathlon time by 27 minutes this year was a huge personal accomplishment; as was incorporating the 70 lb kettlebell into my circuits. But it’s all about forward movement right? Certainly! Ok, well that means it’s time to get that game plan together!

My plan includes dedicating some quality time to those gigantic paper weights and doing what one professional mentor of mines would refer to as “just having fun with it!” Since I’ve got Kettlebell competitions, more Sprint Triathlons and a 10 mile run for the CRIM on my agenda, I’ll be busy with swimming, snatching, running and lifting. It’s never like work when you make it fun. I’ll be sharing my workouts with you and challenge you to do the same. Make your last best effort your base, and slowly progress from there for the new year. Take some of your favorite forms of exercise along with some not so favorites and mix it up! It might sound like a lot but all it takes is a little of your time a few days a week…just don’t stop. The time you spend maintaining your active lifestyle is your refuge; be it by yourself, with your fellow comrades or with your loved ones.

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