Not too late to get ready for Summer

We have expanded at our gym, My Good Life Fitness, in Southfield, Michigan. More room and more opportunities to take your fitness goals to the next level!! In the next few weeks we will be starting up our Kettlebell bootcamp. Feel free to contact me for further detail. You can either call me at 313.779.0000Continue reading “Not too late to get ready for Summer”

Getting ready for “Back to School” Fitness mode

If you’ve ever lived in or currently live in Michigan or a neighboring state, you start thinking about the Fall the moment that August rolls around. It’s a sobering feeling; my friends who are Teachers start dreading the upcoming change in their daily schedules. Some days are extremely hot while other days make you reachContinue reading “Getting ready for “Back to School” Fitness mode”

Getting ready for the North American Outlaw Kettlebell Competition

I’m so excited about Comrade Ben’s first Kettlebell competition this Saturday at the North American Outlaw Kettlebell Competition. If you’ve seen this cat in action you know he’s going to give fellow competitors a run for their money. He’ll be competing in the Long Cycle competition. The Long Cycle is a very tricky lift asContinue reading “Getting ready for the North American Outlaw Kettlebell Competition”