Brutal Circuits

I’m compiling some of my favorite circuits. Before you try any of these rigorous tasks, always make sure that you have medical clearance from your physician and have demonstrated proper execution of kettlebell exercises. Once you’re sure about that just make sure you hydrate and get ready to have some fun!!

The first circuit I challenge you to do will require at least a 44 lb kettlebell for men and 25 lb kettlebell for women. Since it’s all about the technique feel free to drop down to 35 and 18 respectively. It will take about 10 minutes:

*1 minute of one arm swings
*1 minute of snatches
*1 minute of high pulls
*1 minute of clean and presses
*2 minutes of military squat thrusts (burpee, legs out legs in, push up and back up)
*Repeat all steps of swings, snatches, high pulls, clean and presses

Once you are comfortable with this circuit, take it up a notch and multiply each set by 2, 3, etc.

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